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My Story

My first contact with self development was around 7 years ago. During that time I had 3 jobs in IT (yes, 3!!!), I was a student, taking dancing lessons, going to the gym and going out every weekend.

What a life, you may say. And it was, it really was..
For a few months everything was cool, I was under the impression that life was giving me its best! Of course, after a while, the fun started fading because my energy was dropping and I started feeling stress …

I arrived at a point in my life where I was continually running through my tasks, trying to keep up with every day stress. When I arrived home, instead of feeling joyful I still had the stress on my face. And not without reason, I still had work to do! I was continually stressed and my life was an endless list of tasks. I had no direction!

What could I do?

One of the things I’ve learned when I was little was to transform the process of solving all of my weaknesses into hobbies.
I started my weight losing hobby while in college. You know the drill, looking for techniques that work, searching for efficient workouts, etc etc. I soon became expert in losing weight.. and it was working!

So why not apply the same principles in my whole life?

So it started …

I treated my time management problem like my best hobby.

I devoured books, systems, techniques … I applied everything!

Every month I was trying a new technique, keeping the old one if it worked, discarding it if it didn’t.

And I did it!


At the beginning, the results were insignificant

But I felt the stress going away and my energy rising …

Now, even though I don’t have 3 jobs, I work at an IT firm, I’m working out every morning, I teach self development in trainings and at live events and this is not everything…

If I tell you I don’t miss a weekend out, I do extreme sports and I travel non stop, have I convinced you?

Just this year I was in Serbia, Greece, Sweden, Hungary, Slovakia and I’m planning on going to Austria.

Bellow you’ve got an old video of mine. At my 25th birthday I jumped with the parachute!

Now I try to liberate myself from all the things I dislike and to concentrate my life around my dreams and my goals

This is my soul project, my passion and with it I want to help you reach your goals and realize your dreams!

If you enjoyed my story I would appreciate if you could leave me a comment bellow telling me your story and what is your biggest fear or frustration. I promise I’ll ready every comment!

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