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What to do when you don’t have enough energy?

What to do when you don’t have enough energy?


There are days in our lives when we get home tired, without any energy to do any of the tasks that we intended. In these moments we feel unproductive, uncooperative and demoralized. Still .. there is a quick solution!


Energy pumps!
There are a few activities that raise our energy level instead of diminishing it.
In dieting, if you eat carrots you actually consume calories instead gaining them. Because the process of eating them takes more calories than they provide.
Here are some energy pumps I’ve tested:

  • running (16 minutes of running in intervals: 16s fast, 20s slow would do the job)
  • sleep (1 hour of sleep does wonders for my energy levels)
  • yoga (and also stretching – they make me relax and clear my mind of any issues)
  • a quick shower (with cold / moderate water)
  • reading for 30 minutes


Besides the obvious benefit (guess what, energy pumps give you .. energy!) you also have some side benefits.

  • the problems disappear from the emotional level (remaining only in your rational mind)
  • you refresh your body / give it a short reset
  • you also relax your mind and we all know a relaxed mind can do wonders in difficult situations

Also, once you start using these techniques and realizing that they work you will notice that any emotional conflict that you have starts fading out. Once you feel energized and successful you won’t be able to feel emotional conflict.

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