In through the door comes Influence…  And as it’s name suggests, it actually does influence other people! People who identify with this typology are bubbly, energetic beings who light up the room when they come in. They inspire, energize and like doing activities that involve a lot of people. They are, by default, the best entertainers. At the same time though, the spotlight can get to their heads, so if you’re looking to befriend an “I”, then you must remember this.

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When I’m down, I call my “I” person. Why? I’ll give you 5 reasons: reason #1 – they genuinely like being around people; reason #2- they are open and emotionally honest, so that makestheir advice one you can count on; reason #3 – by being optimistic, they manage to lift your spirits; reason #4 – it’s like they were bornto give motivational speeches, that’s how good they are!; lastly, the reason why I have my “I” friend on speed dial – they have the best jokes! Remember that an Inspirer is typically renowned for his/her sense of humor!

On the less brighter side, such individuals may take things quite personally, because they have a bit too much concern for other people’s feelings. This can also make them want to withdraw in their own little corner if they feel rejected.

Remember when I said that “I’s” make friends quickly? Well, the downside is that these relationships can many times be superficial, so don’t go off thinking you’ve found your soulmate just yet!

Want tips for relating with an “I” personality type? Well, here they are:

  1. Don’t address them with sir/madam or any other formal approaches
  2. Relax and try to act friendly
  3. Encourage them to express their thoughts and feelings
  4. Keep the conversation light
  5. Give written details (you know how forgetful they can be when caught up in the moment!)

What you should expect from an Influencer:

  1. constant, yet unintentional attempts to persuade you of things
  2. need to be in the center of attentionDISC Keynote Presentation.037
  3. idealized images of themselves and of the people around them
  4. vulnerability to perceived rejection
  5. real team spirit

According to Integrity Works Coaching, 25-30% of the population identifies with this personality type.

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