Your Core Values Test

Exercise adapted after Peter Senge (MIT) and Robert Dilts (one of the developers of the NLP)


  1. Check 10 values that you consider very important (pick the attributes that are important to you)
  2. uncheck 5 of them, 5 attributes without which you could live
  3. uncheck 2 attributes
  4. you are left with 3 attributes, sort them in order of importance using the arrows (the first attribute will have to be the most important to you; you must not find any other attribute more important than this)
  5. type your email in the box below to get the result of the test

If you find it difficult to choose between 2 attributes, you most likely have not realized what they mean to you. Ask yourself, if you were to give up one of them, which one would you be unable to let go of?

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